Why You Should Subscribe to SEARCHING TOGETHER

Jon Zens’ periodic magazine SEARCHING TOGETHER is the best Christian magazine available today. And subscription is dirt cheap – only $10 for the year.

“We make no claim to be the voice of a movement or an organized denomination. We do not, on the other hand, claim to be a lone voice. We believe that we are expressing the hope and earnest prayer of concerned believers.”


Four decades of impact and inspiration saturate the pages of Searching Together’s 40th Anniversary edition, providing hope, help, and refreshment for thirsty souls. From the profound truths layered throughout an interview with Juan Carlos Ortiz, to the challenging contributions of by Frank Viola, Watchman NeeJon Zens, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Richard Rohr — and so much more — Searching Together celebrates it’s fortieth year of publication with the grace and gusto readers have long enjoyed. Here’s to another 40!”

Dr. Stephanie Bennett, Professor of Communication and Media Ecology, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida

Jon Zens
Jon Zens

Jon Zens


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